Review: ThePeachBox

My current obsession right now are these ThePeachBox accessories I have! I've been rocking them for all of my outfits in New York and I'm getting so many compliments. If I get compliments in the fashion capital of America, it has to be good right? Thanks to ThePeachBox, I got to style these adorable earrings and necklace (pictures and links to items are below). Both of these styles add so much character to an outfit. I usually wear my Daniel Wellington watch around, but by itself it's quite plain on my wrist. By adding this gold bracelet my arm swag suddenly gets glamified! The bracelet is also made with great quality metal and it hasn't bothered my arm at all (I am highly sensitive to cheap metal). I also have thin wrists and I have not had an issue with these bracelets at all. Usually bracelets are too big for me and I have to take them off. As for the earrings, they also fit my ears perfectly and do not irritate them. I love how many diamonds are on them because it makes my outfit scream edgy classy! I will definitely be rocking both of these pieces in my future OOTDs. Make sure to stay in tune if you want to see how else you can style these. For now, check them out at ThePeachBox! Use the code "wonderlostxx" for 15% off your purchase!

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